Business and Commercial Litigation

Legal disputes and lawsuits are not only costly but they are also time consuming. At Lopp Law Firm, we take into consideration your business needs and strive to resolve legal matters quickly and in a cost-effective way that benefits your company.

We also make sure that your business is organized and staying in compliance by putting together legal checklists for routine legal and operational matters by outlining the legal obligations for employment policies, hiring, disciplining and terminating employees, employee benefits, wage, and hour laws, record keeping requirements, and governmental filing requirements. We specialize in understanding the requirements and steps necessary to ensure that your business maintains its independent legal status to protect the owners from personal financial liability.

Business and commercial litigation can range from employee contracts to partner disputes, business acquisition, financial fraud, construction disputes and so much more. We have over 20 years of business and financial experience and we understand the impact such litigation can have on a company and we are ready to protect your business.