Transaction Advisory

Lopp Law Firm consults with startups and established businesses when they are raising capital, securing investors or looking to sell their business. We have the experience and expertise to provide business valuation services, draft and negotiate letters of intent and definitive purchase agreements, create financial models to evaluate future cash flows, analyze business structures and define tax structures that maximize the after-tax value realized by business owners.

Acting as a representative for startups and established businesses, Financial Forensics & Investigations Group provides Transaction Services services including:

-Providing support and advisory services
-Identifying acquisition targets
-Assessing the suitability of an acquisition through due diligence
-Conducting tax evaluations
-Structuring tax-efficient mergers and acquisitions
-Analyzing potential customer and partner relationships
-Drafting and negotiation of term sheets, letters of intent, and definitive purchase agreements
-Executing successful deals and maximizing the value of a transaction

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