Outside General Counsel

The outside general counsel service from Lopp Law Firm is a great alternative when hiring a full-time attorney is not necessary for your business.  From the formation of a new business, providing legal advice to a mature business, or helping to buy or sell a business and all of the challenges that come in the middle, we can provide the legal counsel your business needs in a cost-effective manner.  

Whether we are helping you handle labor and employment issues, drafting and reviewing contracts, providing advice on crisis management, ensuring compliance with regulatory issues, conducting internal investigations, closing a transaction, or handling litigation, the Lopp Law Firm is your general counsel working to protect and advance your business

We believe that the most effective advice can be provided when we work closely with your business and develop a relationship of trust  with the key individuals who are driving the business. Like a full-time in-house counsel, we can have email addresses on your email system, have an extension on your phone system, and take other steps to be part of your management team.



We also make sure that your business is organized and staying in compliance by putting together legal checklists for routine legal and operational matters by outlining the legal obligations for employment policies, hiring, disciplining and terminating employees, employee benefits, wage, and hour laws, record keeping requirements, and governmental filing requirements. We specialize in understanding the requirements and steps necessary to ensure that your business maintains its independent legal status to protect the owners from personal financial liability.